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In the heart of the Sierra of Aracena and Picos of Aroche, at less than 1 hour of way from Huelva and Seville, among hills and water-courses, oaks and acebuches they find the so called estates "Las Cañadas" and " El Agrion", here the mares of Pure Spanish Race of the Stud Sierra Onuba graze.

In an area of ancient and deep-rooted tradition in the equine breeding, where thera are high slopes giving ,them a series of factors that make this zone a frame without equal in the breeding of horses. Among ravines, sierras and pastures our colts grow up at liberty, obtaining this way a great physical and mental development.

The origins of this cattle go back at the beginning of the decade of the 90's, it was then when we centred in the breeding and selection of PRE's horses, since from long ago there were crossed horses crossed for the labors in the field.
We bought a lot of mares, all of them sisters, with a hundred per cent origin in a military stud. In its genealogy we can find examples of so high relevancy as Leviton, Jenson, Agente, Gorron II, etc. With this great spring both genetic and morphologic we began the steps with this cattle.
Different breeding studs have been used, some from the Militar Stud and others from "El Hierro del Bocado" like Americano XXI, Hacendoso XXVIII, and Deco (stud horse to the service of the Militar Stud catalogued as one of the most important of last years).

The work and the worth supported by our family has made our horses to be seen in different morphologic and functional contests obtaining very good results, it is necessary to stand out:

Golden medal in colts in the championship of Huelva 2001.
Young champion of the race in the championship of Huelva 2001.
Medal of Silver in the championship of Huelva 2001.
Medal of Silver Colts of 1 year in the championship of Huelva 2002.
Finalist in SICAB 2001.
Finalist in SICAB 2002.

Beauty, Harmony, Kindness, and Force, are the characters that better describe the specimens of Pure Spanish Race of the Sierra Onuba Stud.

We have specimens in the whole national territory, and they are also exported abroad, Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Seville, Malaga, England, etc.
At present this ranching cattle has steps focused at the obtaining of suitable specimens for the classic and country taming.

The main purpose of this stud is the conservation of the racial prototype of Andalusian horse, in my opinion beauty, good character, high and extensive movements must be required.

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